Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bunker Hill

   Following are two prints by Don Troiani depicting the Battle of Bunker Hill. The first print is a snapshot of the action at about 3PM in the afternoon. Col Prescott is the man standing with the sword in his hand. The British are about to mount their first assault on Bunker Hill.

   The second is of the redoubt on Breed's Hill. As the patriots' ammunition runs out, the British Marines & 47th Regiment of Foot pour over the earthen walls. The colonists are forced back out of the redoubt in one of the most brutal hand-to-hand fights of the war, giving ground only in the face of overwhelming force.
"I cannot pretend to describe the Horror of the Scene within the Redoubt when we enter’d it, ’twas streaming with Blood & strew’d with dead dying Men the Soldiers stabbing some and dashing out the Brains of others was a sight too dreadful for me to dwell any longer on..." Lt John Waller, First Marines 


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Update to December 5th Post on Major John Pitcairn

  A faithful reader has pointed out to me that my December 5th post on Major John Pitcairn had been posted without sufficient editing since it was obvious that some information had been left out in my discussion concerning the incident at Francis Shaw's home involving his son Sam, Lt Wragg and Major Pitcairn. I have now edited that post and published an updated version. Mea culpa.