Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Continental Army Hospital - August 1775

   Using Benjamin Church's letter to Samuel Adams and other research, the following is the best reconstruction I can attempt of the Hospital that Church established for the Continental Army in the late summer of 1775 in and around the Continental Army's Headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts:

Director General and Chief Surgeon
Dr. Benjamin Church, Jr.
(no known likeness)


Henry Vassal House
HQs and Hospital
Residence of Director General Church
Hooper-Lee-Nichols House (Lee Mansion)

Ruggles-Fayerweather Mansion (Fayerweather House)
Since I am not certain which building should be identified  as Washington, Lee, and Putnam Hospital, respectively, I have not done so.                                                                                

     1. Dr. Issac Foster - Succeeds Church as Director until replaced on 29 Nov, 1775
    Lives with Church in the Vassal House.                                                                    
           2. Dr. John Warren, younger brother of Joseph Warren.                                               
                 3.  Dr. Samuel Adams, Jr. son of Samuel Adams.                                                               
                                                      4.  Dr. Charles Mc Knight, very distinguished and connected surgeon.                                                                


Loring- Greenough House (Loring House)
Ward's Hospital
St Thomas Hospital*
Barnard House
Parker Hill, Brookline
Wooden Barracks No Longer Extant
Later Used to Inoculate Troops for Smallpox
Causing Great Consternation to the Local Residents
1. William Aspinwall, Harvard graduate and friend of Dr. Joseph Warren              
         2. Elisha Perkins, Attended Yale and inventor of "Perkins Tractors" (Quack medicine)
(I am not certain of this identification)
  3. Dr. Lemuel Hayward, studied medicine under Dr. Joseph Warren                       
   It is possible that the three surgeons in Roxbury were paid by their respective colonies rather than the Continental Army.      
   St Thomas Hospital is a very famous London Hospital that can trace its roots to at least the twelfth century. Could it be that Church walked its halls while studying medicine in London?
N.B. All of the houses are depicted as they exist today. They have had many owners and many renovations since 1775. And, each was considered a country estate which meant they had lots of land attached to them.

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