Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Page on Masonry in Boston Published

I have published a separate page on the masons in Boston prior to the outbreak of hostilities between the colonies and Great Britain. I must admit that I was somewhat astonished at what I discovered doing the research since my impressions of what I had learned in school and subsequent readings was substantially altered. I think the idea so prevalent that all of the masons were sitting around the Green Dragon Tavern planning against the British and their colonial authorities must be considered in light of what is set forth. I do admit that the story of the Boston masons was one that never really excited me.

  I will detail what little is known of Benjamin Church's activities as a mason in a future post.

  I have been hampered in posting the last several days as I have had to deal with dry wall contractors and painters, and some minor outpatient surgery.

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  1. The story of Dr. Church is made very interesting in this blog. The details about colonial life are realistic and there is no substitute for the original research which is presented. One would need to spend hours in the library to uncover just a small fraction of the material presented. In addition, the blog contains a mystery story which keeps it moving.