Monday, September 20, 2010

Follow-up - Benjamin Church Jr and the Vassall House

   Recently I had a phone conversation with Anita Israel, who is an archivist specialist at the Longfellow National Historic Site, originally built by Henry Vassall's brother and located across the street from the Henry Vassall House. She mentioned to me that a retired Park Ranger, who had worked at the Longfellow House, had approached the owners of the Vassal House and had been allowed inside to check out Benjamin Church's initals for himself. She agreed to contact the Ranger and I just received an email from Anita in which she states that the Ranger advised her as follows:

    It is not scratched into a window. It is scratched into an inside door on the 2nd floor and it has a piece of glass or plastic covering it. I saw it several years ago.
  So, the Ladies of old Cambridge are right!

  Thanks Anita!!!!!

   I will follow up on the intials and will have a follow-up post on the Longfellow Historic Site.

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