Friday, January 7, 2011

Upcoming Posts

   I have had a couple of  telephone conversations recently in which readers have expressed some frustration on the difficulty of leaving comments in response to posts on the blog. I am at the mercy of the leviathan known as "Google" and will attempt to decipher the incoherence that Google labels as instruction to see if something can be done about it. Believe me, any comments are very, very welcome and most appreciated. Should anyone wish to take advantage of it, I also have established an email account solely dedicated to this web site: Yes, my other main historical interest is the last days of the Roman Republic - the one on this planet, not the one portrayed by HBO in its Rome series.
   I am now working on posts that will detail the life and background of John Fleeming, John Mein's partner and Dr Church's brother-in-law. It was to Fleeming that Church addressed the intercepted ciphered letter that led to his downfall. Fleeming has his own part to play in the narrative leading up to the revolution.
   In addition, I have been asked to detail my views on Paul Revere's ride which, for those of you who know me, take on a slightly different perspective than some historians.

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