Thursday, April 14, 2011

Private Hosea Rogers and George Washington's Cane

I have become a contributor to the website "What Would the Founders Think" and today it published my first article. It recounts my research into the Revolutionary War record of a private in the 3rd Virginia Regiment of Foot and how he came to be in possession of one of George Washington's canes. Check it out, I think you might enjoy it.

I had planned to publish my third installment on John Fleeming today but while reviewing some old notes I got an idea as to where some information on him might be located. It will involve looking through a collection at the Library of Congress that is not indexed on line so I will have to do a search in person. I will try to do that next week after my trip.

In the meantime, I'm off to the races.

This is a photo of a reenactor from the 2nd Virginia Regt. It probably more accurately portrays what Pvt Rogers might have worn than the photos of the 3rd VA currently online since they appear to be of uniforms worn later on in the war rather than in its early stages.

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