Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Porter Decode

  I failed to note in my post on the Gerry/Porter Decode that at the October 3, 1775 Council of War  General George Washington convened at his headquarters in Cambridge to discuss the Church letter, he laid the Samuel West deciphered text before the generals he assembled to discuss the matter. No mention was made of the Gerry/Porter decoded letter. Attending that Council of War were Washington;  Major Generals -  Artemus Ward, Charles Lee, and Israel Putnam; Brigadier Generals -  Joseph Spencer, William Heath, John Sullivan, Nathaniel Greene, John Thomas; and, Adjutant General Horatio Gates.

Apropos of nothing, Nathaniel Greene, who went on to win much acclaim, was a personal favorite of Washington as was his vivacious wife, Caty, who was one of Washington's favorite dancing partners. Caty was also very close to Martha.

Nathaniel Greene of Rhode Island

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