Thursday, October 24, 2013

Portrait of Edward Church, Jr. and Family

 Edward Church' Jr., Elizabeth Bentley Church holding their daughter Elizabeth Hannah, and son Edward.
Elizabeth Hannah was born in April, 1809 so the date of the painting has to be 1809 or 1810. Painted by Jacques-Antoine Vallin. Oil on canvas. Size "rather large."

    This is the only reproduction of the third portrait of members of the Church family painted by Vallin that I have been able to find. Hopefully I can find one in color.

   Given the age of Hannah in this picture and the fact that apparently all three portraits were painted around the same time, one must conclude that Edward Church was 69 years old when his portrait was painted.

   My first thought when seeing this portrait of Edward, Jr. was John Meins' description of his uncle Benjamin as the "lean apothecary."

   I have revised my post on the "Women Church" portrait to add some information from the Church family history indicating a difference in opinion amongst family members as to the identity of the two younger women.

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